Learning Science by Experience

Scientists first experiment, then build theories.
Just like them, play with concepts before you learn them !



We believe in a few principles that guide the design of our courses.

Step by step learning

Standing on the shoulder of giants.

Science can be challenging.
But there is no Everest that cannot be climbed.
We make no assumption about prior knowledge and just start from everyday experience.
Each step contains the right amount of challenge for you to stay engaged, but not lost.

A virtual teacher to guide you

Your personal guide to science.

Our goal is to make science fun again.
But even more important, we want you to feel connected.
That is why we have created a virtual teacher that will guide you through the course.
You will learn, play, and have fun together.

AI powered

Technology at its best.

We owe a lot to AI advances: speech synthesis, motion capture, translation.
But this is only the beginning: in future versions, you will be able to ask questions or get feedback.
We can't wait to see how you will learn with it !

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